Monacair speaks to Hanushka Toni, founder and editor of Monaco luxury travel blog, Luxury Marionette about her Saint-Tropez secrets.

Is there anything you do before you go to Saint-Tropez?

A central tenet of being a travel blogger is researching each destination with a painstaking amount of detail because the last thing you want to be doing is exploring a new place whilst fighting through a mob of camera-wielding fanny-pack wearing tourists. Which is why I have my Saint-Tropez itinerary pretty much locked down.

What is the best way to get to Saint-Tropez from Monaco?

Although Monaco isn’t that far from Saint-Tropez, we barely ever drive. I’m not a big fan of long car journeys at the best of times and that’s especially true in summer. The traffic can be brutal – which can essentially double the two and a half hour journey.

So it usually ends up a group of us chartering a private helicopter with Monacair which goes directly from Fontvieille to Saint-Tropez in 25 minutes.  This is a godsend, especially when I’m travelling with my baby, Kingsley. He is genuinely obsessed with helicopters and spends the entire journey trying to wrestle free so he can push the buttons in the cockpit. He also hates having to leave the helicopter – but I guess that’s one of the perks of travelling with children!

Where is the best place to land the helicopter in Saint-Tropez?

The best part about a St Tropez Helicopter Charter from Monaco is that you can land wherever you’re staying. One of my closest friends has a house in Ramatuelle, so we usually have the chopper land right in her garden. I’m not going to lie, it feels just a little bit badass.

Where is the best place to stay in Saint-Tropez?

Because we usually go to Saint-Tropez in a big group we will typically rent a villa through St Tropez House or stay on a boat in the main port of Saint-Tropez.

What is the best beach club in Saint-Tropez?

Les Palmiers, Club 55 and Bagatelle are obviously the best known ones. Bagatelle is my personal favourite owing to the good times I’ve had there and because I’m a massive people watcher and think it draws a really stylish crowd.

Where is your favourite place to eat in Saint-Tropez

Ban Hoi, L’Escale, Villa Romana and Pizzeria Les Salins are all firm favourites. Then there’s L’Opera for the sheer spectacle of it.

And lastly, Chez Bruno. It’s not actually in St Tropez and is an hour away by car or a really easy 10-minute helicopter ride. They serve the most unbelievable French food which is bizarrely both comfort food but gastronomic at the same time. My husband had his stag party there! Yes, he chose truffled potatoes over vodka and Vegas.

Ultimate Saint-Tropez accessory?

A good wide-brimmed straw hat – Chanel always do really nice hats for Spring/ Summer. Hermes also do some incredible raffia hats – but they are permanently sold out!

Also, white linen shirt for the boys. Crochet lace or floor length kaftan for the girls.

Where’s the best place to take a good Instagram photo in Saint-Tropez?

I’m afraid that’s a trade secret… Ok, obviously I’m joking..

Like with most things, there are trends which come and go on Instagram. A few years ago, taking pictures whilst partying and quaffing Champagne at beach clubs or aboard superyachts was all the rage. Now it’s a bit passé.  At the moment there’s a real trend for photos in front of distressed sunbleached doors or walls with peeling paint. Saint Tropez is great for this as the centre of town is full of charming little streets with exactly that sort of architecture.

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