Helicopter Airbus H130 flying over Cannes

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VIP Express Airport Transfer: When heading to Nice airport, Monacair checks in your luggage and drops you directly at your boarding gate. Leave Cannes only 60 min before your flight and enjoy the charms of Cannes.*

* applicable with more than 40 airlines or private jet flights.

Panoramic view of Cannes

About Cannes

Cannes is world-widely known for the A-list celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival and its amazing blue-lagoon beaches. However, there’s more to discover about this glamourous city! Beneath the glitz, you’ll find amazing places to stroll and eat at the old quarter Le Suquet or discover the hidden beaches in the offshore islands such as Ile Sainte Marguerite or Ile de Lérins, and admire the liner-sized yacht moored at the Cannes harbour.

Why choose Monacair?



Luxury cabins, twin-engine, two-pilots and high luggage and passenger capacity aircrafts available.



30+ helicopters (H130, H135, AW109, Bell429, H155, AS355…)



In-house maintenance and pilots, modern helicopters and official supplier of H.S.H Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

Our fares

Airbus H125€7905 pax
Airbus H125€7906 pax
Airbus H130€7906 pax
Airbus AS355€14505 pax
Airbus H135€22005 pax
Agusta AW109€22005 pax
Bell 429€34506 pax
Airbus H155€33006/8 pax
Flight time: 10 minutes

Airbus H125€9005 pax
Airbus H125€10006 pax
Airbus H130€11006 pax
Airbus AS355€15005 pax
Airbus H135€22005 pax
Agusta AW109€22005 pax
Bell 429€44506 pax
Airbus H155€33006/8 pax
Flight time: 16 minutes

Airbus H125€9905 pax
Airbus H125€11006 pax
Airbus H130€11006 pax
Airbus AS355€15005 pax
Airbus H135€33005 pax
Agusta AW109€33005 pax
Bell 429€27006 pax
Airbus H155€45006/8 pax
Flight time: 15 minutes

We can fly from or to any destination in a 600 km radius around Monaco. Contact us for more information !

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