Helicopter Airbus H130 taking off at Nice Airport

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Available at all terminals: Monacair desks can be found at Terminal 1, 2 and the Private Aviation terminal. Find us easily right after your plane arrival at Nice airport and fly anywhere.

Panoramic view of Nice

About Nice

Did you know that Nice is the most populated city of the French Riviera? The city of Nice welcomes millions of tourists every day from all across the globe and is stated to be the third biggest airport in France.

From the thriving Promenade des Anglais that runs along the gorgeous coastline of the city to the historic Old Nice with their atypical restaurants and aspiring artists strolling around the streets, Nice is the ideal holiday destination to visit and stay in the South of France.

Why choose Monacair?



Luxury cabins, twin-engine, two-pilots and high luggage and passenger capacity aircrafts available.



30+ helicopters (H130, H135, AW109, Bell429, H155, AS355…)



In-house maintenance and pilots, modern helicopters and official supplier of H.S.H Albert II, Prince of Monaco.

Our fares

Airbus H125€6505 pax
Airbus H125€8506 pax
Airbus H130€9906 pax
Airbus AS355€15505 pax
Airbus H135€15505 pax
Agusta AW109€15505 pax
Bell 429€41006 pax
Airbus H155€21506/8 pax
Flight time: 7 minutes

Airbus H125€7905 pax
Airbus H125€7906 pax
Airbus H130€7906 pax
Airbus AS355€14505 pax
Airbus H135€22005 pax
Agusta AW109€22005 pax
Bell 429€34506 pax
Airbus H155€33006/8 pax
Flight time: 11 minutes

Airbus H125€12005 pax
Airbus H125€12506 pax
Airbus H130€12006 pax
Airbus AS355€19005 pax
Airbus H135€33005 pax
Agusta AW109€33005 pax
Bell 429€38006 pax
Airbus H155€56006/8 pax
Flight time: 21 minutes

We can fly from or to any destination in a 600 km radius around Monaco. Contact us for more information !

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