Helicopter travel is for everybody. While flights to Monaco are the easiest way to reach the Principality from Nice International Airport and beyond, some travellers are dissuaded from this convenient method of transport by a few common misconceptions. At Monacair, we offer helicopter travel that is affordable, safe, convenient, and suitable for all – whatever your reason for travelling. In a myth-busting exercise, we highlight and dispel five common misconceptions about travelling by helicopter to encourage everyone to take to the skies.

Misconception No.1: Helicopter Travel is Expensive.

Understandably, many people believe that helicopter charter flights in Monaco cost a small fortune and that the heliport is a hangout reserved only for the jetset population. After all, such a spectacular and convenient means of travel deserves to be expensive and exclusive. Nevertheless, you may be surprised to learn just how affordable helicopter travel can be. You can fly between Nice and Monaco from just €130 per person on a flight that takes just seven minutes. This is not much more than the cost of a taxi. If you’re travelling with family or a group, our luxury helicopters can be privately rented from as little as €1,060.

Misconception No.2: Helicopter Travel Is Not Safe.

Many people – even those who are experienced aeroplane travellers – can feel nervous about flying by helicopter. This is understandable; it is common to feel uneasy when experiencing new sensations. But you should rest assured that experts will control your journey carefully. You couldn’t be in safer hands throughout your flight, as our pilots are highly experienced in flying all kinds of major aircraft and have thousands of hours of experience in making this kind of journey. What’s more, it’s possible to charter helicopters with two pilots and two engines onboard, for ultimate security and peace of mind as you soar through the skies.

Misconception No. 3: Helicopter Travel is Only for VIPs.

Only the rich and famous travel by helicopter, right? Wrong. We believe it’s something that everyone should be able to experience at least once. Many of our clients report that their helicopter adventure makes their holiday complete, whether they have flown to discover a new city along the Mediterranean coast or to their favourite winter skiing resort. There’s no exclusive club when it comes to helicopter charter – all you need is the confidence to try it once and you will quickly become a regular flier.

Misconception No.4: Helicopter Travel is Inflexible.

The leading helicopter operator in Monaco, Monacair runs over 50 flights per day between Nice and Monaco, meaning there is plenty of choice and flexibility when it comes to planning your trip. In fact, one of our helicopters takes off every 15 minutes from both Nice and Monaco. If you miss your designated slot, we can easily accommodate you on a later flight. When travelling further than Monaco, we endeavour to land as close to your final destination as possible to simplify your journey. The beauty of helicopter travel is that the aircraft does not need a great deal of space to land. Whether landing at a designated heliport or on a luxury superyacht, our flights are designed to be as convenient as possible.

Misconception No.5: Helicopter Travel is Not Suitable for Families.

Helicopter travel is fast, convenient, comfortable, captivating and safe, making it ideal for transporting the entire family. When you travel by helicopter charter from Monaco, you take all the strain out of travelling and give the whole family an unforgettable experience with breathtaking bird’s eye views. Helicopter travel can also make an incredible birthday or anniversary treat for all ages, or can add the icing on the cake to your family getaway. What’s more, our free pick-up service in Monaco enables your family to waste no time in getting your holiday underway.