• Purchasing your helicopter.
    With our vast knowledge of different aircraft and our numerous partners, we can offer you machines selected for their qualities, with features suited to your needs, or we can simply provide you with valuable advice on purchasing your helicopter.
  • Providing experienced pilots at your disposal
    Your helicopter will be ready for your private use at your leisure, with a highly experienced pilot at your side:
    As of today, our pilots have clocked up several thousands of hours in flight on all major types of aircraft and are capable of seeing through all sorts of missions and piloting training (private or professional).
  • Using your aircraft for our professional missions when you do not need it
    In exchange for renting your machine, you will receive a remuneration corresponding to the number of hours completed in flight every month.
  • We guarantee you highly meticulous and effective monitoring and maintenance of your aircraft in our PART-145 workshop. You will thus be assured of flying in a machine whose performance and reliability are beyond reproach.
  • Helping you to sell your aircraft:
    If you wish to sell your aircraft, either because you don’t need it anymore or because you wish to buy a new, technologically superior one, you can entrust us with selling your helicopter. With our vast network and expertise in this procedure, we are perfectly capable of finding you a buyer.
  • Offering you storage for your helicopter in one of our perfectly suited hangars.
    Our bases are located close to Geneva (Archamps), in South-East France (Castellet, Saint-Tropez), and at the Monaco heliport, strategic areas where we can store your helicopter in a hangar designed for this purpose, which has qualified staff to take care of it.
    Thanks to our experience and the complete trust given to us by helicopter owners, today the company’s fleet is made up of several VIP, reliable, safe and comfortable aircraft (single and twin-engine).

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